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Are you worried about the noisy drills, need anesthesia injections, and pain during dental procedures?

Do not be scared anymore! We are here to remove the “ouch” from your dental visit! We can make your dental visit less painful by utilizing laser in dental treatments.

Is laser dental treatments painless?

In regular dental procedures, heat and dehydration of the tooth or tissues cause intense pain, which might require an anesthetic. But the combination of water and laser keeps the tooth hydrated during the operation. As a result, there is minimum or no pain during the procedure. Additionally, the dental laser dentistry will target the affected area, specifically, leaving the rest intact. This is vital because not only can you prevent pain and bleeding, but you retain more of the natural tooth or gum tissue that is safer for your oral health and can reduce the duration of the healing period.

Are dental laser dentistry harmful?

No. dental lasers are not harmful. We adhere to strict guidelines on the use of various wavelengths and power levels, depending on the field of care, to ensure a healthy and comfortable experience.

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