Now a day’s the most common issue is the blood sugar and other blood-related problems and blood problems can cause many sever issues in the human body, you can feel unusual persistent symptoms to there are many types of blood tests like hemoglobin, sugar, and many more. The doctors suggest many blood tests with many precautions like fasting, after having something and many others. Overall blood testing is important to keep the track of the overall physique. Everything you eat and drink contains vitamins, proteins, and other nutrients that can cause the related levels in your blood to temporarily spike or drop.

These blood tests includes: cholesterol tests, blood sugar tests, liver function tests, kidney function tests, basic metabolic panel, glucose tests. Different blood tests take time to different to get the reports like complete blood count (CBC): 24 hours, basic metabolic panel: 24 hours, complete metabolic panel: 24–72 hours, lipid panel: 24 hours. These blood tests can be recommended by any general physician, any doctor and any lab test expert as per your problems. So this blood test is very helpful in checking and maintaining the overall health care.

SRL Diagnostics has the largest network of labs and the only lab to have a pan-India presence

Instituted in 1995, SRL is India’s largest chain of diagnostic laboratories by geographic presence and the only lab in India with a pan-India presence. Our network of labs and patient service centres can be found in 34 states and union territories. Our network consists of 428 laboratories, 1500+ patient service centres and 5000+ institutional touch points across the country. SRL also has labs in Dubai, Afghanistan and Nepal.


We are dedicated to providing quality care to each and every patient. We have a very qualified and talented doctors team to handle all kinds of medical & dental challenges and give better solutions at inappropriate times. Whitecoats moto is to keep every patient healthy and mentally strong at every stage.

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