Today everyone is taking care of their health and working out to be fit and healthy, so those who can’t go for a workout, jogging, and others, go for dieting and takes care of the diet and food they eat. There are many nutritionists who plan their diet and suggest to them what to eat. Normally people skip all the essential nutrients that they have to intake, so the nutritionists make the diet plan accordingly they also help in suggesting about the food and the impact of the food on their health.

The nutritionists also have the proper certification of their knowledge. They are the trained professionals who take care of the health and other essentials relate to the needs of the nutrition and other vitamins in the body. They also treat malnutrition and in conducting medical nutrition therapy. They check our body type and then suggest the diet according to that, they also provide the personalized diet plan for an individual. Taking care of our own body is good but taking care of everyone’s health is a good call so these nutritionists and dietitians help in maintaining the health and effects of bad food on the body and other side effects.

Sr. Dietician

Dt Namrata Shrivastava

I m working with medanta hospital gurugram since 2012 as a Sr. Dietician. We have more than 11 years of experience. my education is completed  from CFT , Allahabad university

Clinical Nutritionist

Monika Suri

Monika Suri is a Clinical Nutritionist and a Certified Diabetes Educator. Ph.D. in nutrition, her interest lies in devising evidence-based scientific dietary plans.


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