A therapy which is used to perform for the proper movement of the body and the joints that are stuck and study the science of movement. They learn how to pinpoint an injury’s root causes. With the help of this Physiotherapy, we can treat an injury or chronic pain that affects how you function every day. Physiotherapy includes neck and back pain, joint pains and ligaments, loss of mobility due to trauma in the brain and spin. Physiotherapy makes the muscles and nerves calm that relax our body. It is suggested by the general physician and other doctors; it can be done for any muscle pain, swelling and blockage of nerves, and fatigue. A physiologist must know about the body structure and the type of the body and what our body and pain require as sometimes it may open the nerve that may cause some pain. The physiotherapist will provide you a chart of the planned process that fits your goals. It also helps you to feel confident about managing your condition address any concerns or uncertainties. So, at last, physiotherapy helps in making the smooth functioning of the muscle, joints, back, spine, etc. it makes your body relax and gives relief to your pain.


Dr. Nisha Panchal

Dr. Nisha Panchal, MPT Neurology (MIAP)
Have 6yrs experience, Worked with Paras Hospital Gurgaon
Worked with NGO


Dr devender Singh

Bachelor in Physiotherapy

Completed graduation (BPT)
in 2013 from Pandit Deenday Upadhyay Institute for PH (DELHI UNIVERSITY)

Has more than 7 years of Experience in MEDANTA-THE MEDICITY, Gurgaon. Worked for an kerala based NGO (MYTHRI MANDIRAM).

Has vast experience of Handling in ICU Patients, Neurological condition, Tracheostomy, Orthopedic, Elder & Pediatric patients and also in all musculoskeletal related problems.


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