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Full Mouth Rehabilitation in Gurgaon , our experienced team of professionals routinely handle complex full mouth restoration cases. we strongly believe in team approach for such cases to deliver best outcomes.

Full mouth reconstruction, full mouth restoration and full mouth rehabilitation are terms often used interchangeably to describe the process of rebuilding or simultaneously restoring all of the teeth in both the upper and lower jaws.

Full mouth reconstruction in Gurgaon typically involves general or restorative dentists (performing procedures like bridges, crowns,  and veneers), and can incorporate dental specialists like periodontists (specializing in the gums),  orthodontists (specializing in tooth movements and positions) ,   oral surgeons, and endodontists (specializing in the tooth pulp).

Need For Full Mouth Reconstruction in Gurgaon

– Teeth that have been lost due to trauma or decay.

– Teeth that have been fractured

– Teeth that have become severely worn as a outcomes of long-term acid erosion (beverages, food, acid reflux) or tooth grinding.

– Ongoing complaints of jaw,  headache and muscles pain requiring adjustments to the bite (occlusion).

– The examination process requires records of the mouth, such as X-rays and photographs, models of teeth that are made from the impressions ,  impressions of upper and lower teeth and a model of the bite. Most full mouth reconstructions involve multiple stages and office visits. It is not unreasonable to expect treatment to take 12 months and more,  its depending on your situation.

Procedures for Full Mouth Rehabilitation in Gurgaon involved, depending on your needs:

1. Periodontal care and Prophylactic teeth cleaning

2. Crown lengthening to expose healthy, sound tooth structure for possible  bridges or crowns.

3. Contouring of the gum tissue to create  harmony and balance in the smile.

4. Preparation (reduction) of natural tooth structure so  bridges or veneers, crowns can be placed.

5. Placement of temporary restorations so the patient can become accustomed to  the bite alignment and new teeth.

6. Placement of permanent restorations, such as  veneers, inlays/onlays or bridges, crowns made from ceramic, ceramic supported by metal or a combination of both.

7. Orthodontics (braces) in order to move teeth into the optimal position for reconstruction process.

8. Implant placement and restoration to replace missing teeth and anchor bridge restorations.

9. Bone or soft tissue grafting to enhance the stability of teeth, proposed implants and other restorations


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