Post COVID Care For Elderly At Home

March 27, 2021 by test0

As we all know that covid is a big problem for us. Coronaviruses are a heterogeneous cluster of large single-strand RNA viruses, widely distributed among mammals and birds and grouped in the family. The COVID-19 clinical scenario is far from being homogenous. COVID-19 is not the only disease for which the consequences are known to be the worst among older people. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced governments to enact drastic public health measures in order to minimize the impact of the disease. We all are stuck at home for one year this is a very serious disease as it can affect our body immune system and our body so we need to take precautions like wearing masks and carry sanitizers. It not only harms our body during the isolation period but also has a post-recovery period. It has many issues like Fatigue, tiredness, Dizziness, and more.  We need to take care of ourselves at that time of recovery because we need more nutrients to get recover from this at the same time elderly age group people already have very low immunity and if they had covid so it’s very difficult for them to get recover, they need more care and attention for their health, it’s very important for them to get proper medication and nutrients. In this disease age is not just a number. The elderly may represent a specific cluster of high-risk patients for COVID-19 with rapidly progressive clinical deterioration. In older individuals, immune senescence and co-morbid disorders are more likely to promote viral-induced cytokine storms resulting in life-threatening respiratory failure and multisystem involvement. As it is not even safe for them to have a walk because it still not safe for them to go out and also they don’t have the energy to walk more just after the covid. Seniors with SCD and MCI underwent lifestyle changes that are potentially harmful to their future cognitive decline, even if, with the exception of leisure activities, they do not appear to be cross-sectionally associated with psychiatric symptoms. It is also noted that there are many changes in lifestyles, physical activity, and nutritional habits that have a significant impact on cardiovascular risk factors that are important factors of mental issues. Also, a decrease in the amount of time spent being physically active might have negative effects on our mental health. Eating habits have changed during the quarantine due to less availability of products, restrictions on access to stores due to the fear of the possible lack of food which leads to the purchase and the consumption of packaged and preserved food, the reduced intake of fresh foods, and the transition to unhealthy foods these days. So the last thing is we need to take care of them so that they can recover fast and well because this disease can harm our body so badly so that we should take care of them and give them proper vitamins and nutrients for better and fast recovery.

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