Advanced Dentistry

Advanced Dentistry

Advanced Dentistry is a blend of Science and Arts. It is unconventional from general dental care, which involves both art and science.

Procedures involved in our Advance Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dental procedures are aimed at improving the appearance of your teeth, bite and fighting the effects of age , gums and wear that affect even the healthiest teeth. From alignment, size, or shape to whitening and stain removal, cosmetic dentistry can improve the aesthetic quality of your teeth so that your smile looks as good as it feels.


Custom-made to straighten your teeth and the clear aligners are nearly invisible. Each aligner is made of a proprietary, multi-layer Smart track material that gently shifts your teeth into place over time, moving them slightly both vertically and horizontally and even rotating them if necessary. The aligners are engineered so that as you change to the next set of aligners in every two weeks, your teeth gradually move into their correct position


Endodontic dental care are focused on the treatment of the inner tissue of the tooth known as the dental pulp. Endodontic treatment preserving the health of the pulp or the removal of inflamed tissue that has been damaged due to severe decay, infection or physical trauma. Endodontic therapy is a further treatment to clean and repair the root canal and pulp chamber.

Following are the benefits of advanced dentistry

  • Catch Minor dental problems before
  • Maximize Dental Benefits
  • Keep Your Smile Beautiful and Bright

Dental Surgeon

Dr. Jeensy Sharma Singla

Dr. Jeensy Sharma Singla is an Expert Dental Surgeon with vast experience in General Clinical Dentistry. She is an alumnus of Prestigious PIMS University, Maharashtra. Dr. Jeensy Sharma Singla has more than 5 years of experience in the dental department.

Dental Surgeon

Dr. Rakesh Yadav

Dr. Rakesh Yadav has done his Bachelors in Dental Surgery from KDC, RGUHS University, Bangalore. Dr. Rakesh is an acclaimed aesthetic & implant dental expert with 12 years of experience in clinical practice.


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