ECG treatment in Gurgaon

March 21, 2022 by test0

ECG treatment in Gurgaon has ventured into the healthcare scenario with an aspiration to meet and redefine the growing challenges of Clinical  Treatment and Diagnostics in this part of our country. Located at the heart of the city in Gurgaon, this center caters to Clinical Medicine along with the complete range of diagnostic services comprising Laboratory, Health check-ups, Radiology, etc. The center has its in-house medical consultants and specialists, thus giving the patients a comfortable option of specialized treatment and diagnosis or consultation under one roof.

ECG treatment in Gurgaon is a pioneering organization in many aspects. This center proudly announces the first and only center to have DIGITAL MAMMOGRAPHY, DIGITAL RADIOGRAPHY, DIGITAL OPG, 32 SLICE SOMATOM SCOPE CT SCANNER, and 4D USG WITH SHEAR AND STRESS ELASTOGRAPHY. Digital technology helps in a new era of low-dose radiation facilities.

ECG treatment in Gurgaon

Committed to delivering world-class quality, ECG treatment in Gurgaon is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment from Siemens,  GE, Phillips, Carestream,  Planmeca, Roche Diagnostics, Hologic, Horiba, etc. Whether it is the comfort,  courtesy, or convenience at the center or in delivering quick, accurate reports, you can place your trust in our hands. With services such as online reports and SMS alerts, we plan to further lead the way in leveraging technology for better services.


To promote the  Advocate for the preservation of health and prevention of disease.

Our Vision

To make Clinical Medicine along with  Advanced and Reliable diagnostic facilities with Global Quality Standards – available and affordable to a major segment of the society in this part of our country.

Fundamentals of Healthcare in ECG treatment in Gurgaon

Integrity: We are honest, ethical,  principled, and we do the right thing for those we serve.

Quality: To deliver evidence-based care that meets each patient’s healthcare. We intend to continually measure and improve our results.

Patient Experience: Working towards an enjoyable and satisfying patient experience.

Access: All customers receive the information and care when, where, and how they want it.

Dedicated Staffs

The special people who deliver our unique brand of in-home care, who we call staff, are carefully selected, screened and trained to provide professional, compassionate care. Our staff have been a major contribution to our success. While being treated like family members, it is ensured that there is proper discipline and training provided to boost their morale.

Our nurses and office staff are trained to make you feel at home while you undergo various procedures.

Eco-Efficient Green Initiatives


At PULSE care does not end at patients but extends to the environment also. We are proud of our environmental credentials. We have tried to meet with the highest standards of pollution control, including waste disposal. There has been every effort to provide maximum natural lighting on the premises. We have ensured solar energy back up and also made wide use of energy-saving LED and CFL lamps.

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